Real Suede Leather high boots

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Real Leather quality boots

Heel height 7.7 cm, shin height 58 cm. Adjustable zipper on the back of shin makes life easier for wider shins.

Why choose Real Leather?

1. Leather adapts with your legs size and shape.

2. Leather breathes well so your legs wont sweat. Made for ultimate comfort.

3. Protects efficiently from the cold. Fake leather makes feet sweat and therefore gives off a sensation of wetness and coldness.

4. Healthy for your feet!! We all know the pain of a blister or a cut caused by shoes. Real leather is soft and gentle with your precious legs.

5. If you happen to stub your feet against something and scrape the surface of Real Leather it's possible to mend those mechanical damages. Fake leather doesn't offer that luxury.

6. Real Leather is made to last years and years.